Social media is an integral part of any marketing strategy and within the music industry it has its own set of considerations. In assisting with campaign continuity across an artist, venue or event’s social media platforms we look at the following three distinct areas…


Do you have a woefully out-of-date MySpace account languishing in the back halls of the internet? What sites do you have, should you have and do you have the tools for the job and know how to use them? We run an expert eye over your online profiles, identify issues and help define an action plan for getting everything running smoothly.


Your publicity and marketing plan should have a well-considered social media campaign to compliment your activities, including self-created content, promotion of media-created content and skilful marketing components. Because your social media is an extension of your own personality, it is important to consider your projections, without tarnishing the integrity of your artistic output, while looking at inventive ways to include your fans and supporters in your project.


Once a tour, event or campaign is underway, many new tasks become priority and nerves can begin to fray. Planning your social media campaigns ahead of time, and utilising scheduling systems to take the pressure off will leave your time and devices free for on-the-road, in-campaign demands, and allow you to go about using your social media for the fun on-the-fly stuff: like socialising!