Heapsaflash: Direct.

Low cost and high-impact, Heapsaflash: Direct expertly pairs the efficiency of digital with established industry expertise, contacts and reputation.

The Need

In an age when almost everyone carries a music listening device, the old ‘music industry’ model now generates half the income it did ten years ago. The most digitised and global media business in the world – the music industry has had to counter three major transitions in a decade; CD to digital, PC to mobile, and download to streaming. Music itself of course, is as relevant to the human experience (our lives!) and as poignant a force in popular culture as ever it has been.

#1 Celebrity on facebook is Shakira
#1 Followed user on twitter is Katy Perry
#1 Most viewed video in the world (Gangnam Style) @ 2 billion views is a music video and 29/30 Top videos on YouTube ever are music videos

The world is moving fast and music marketing needs to stay ahead of the curve. We have. Introducing Heapsaflash: Direct.

The Service

The task we set ourselves was to come up with the most effective combination of music PR services at a price tag that Australian bands, artists and labels could afford. Combined with fifteen years of our own hard earned contacts and reputation, we scoured the globe and drew together a combination of what we consider to be the finest local and international resources, tools and technologies available for music servicing, reporting and content generation.

Putting Heapsaflash: Direct at the forefront of international music PR agencies, the integration of services like music blog directory, airit, the sync report, mediaportal and coveragebook into our model means all results are captured, our overheads are minimal and our database is premium. We can track, monitor and provide internationally accredited statistics on all of your media activity (including socials) worldwide.

We map out your individualised campaign, either Australia wide or globally, and then go one on one to media, music directors, taste-makers, influencers, streaming services, music supervisors (film, TV and advertising), cultural ambassadors and more. This includes over 500 of the most influential college and indie radio stations in the USA.

The Model

Firstly, quality is absolutely paramount. We’re really picky about who we work with. Which is why the model works. Media expect the best from us. Less IS more.

Secondly, we’re accountable. Actions speak louder than words. There’s no value in a digital delivery service that equates to unopened emails. Our reporting is state of the art and your campaign, drawing upon a database of over 5000+ contacts, is handpicked and followed up meticulously to ensure the results speak for themselves. That’s how we stay in business.

Lastly, everything we do is placed within the context of not only your campaign, but your career. At Heapsaflash, who you are and what you do is everything.

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