Incorporating one-on-one dialogue and pitching to playlist curators, websites, blogs, digital radio stations, podcasters, syndicated content providers, and radio, video, and online digital servicing systems, with the ability to extend to social media strategy, Heapsaflash digital strategy is a crucial service that underpins traditional media servicing.

Digital strategy at your fingertips

Although digital delivery strategy is fully integrated into every full service campaign we do, to ensure every opportunity for your music to connect is maximised, for requested situations, we also offer our playlist pitching & digital servicing as a stand-alone support service also.

Digital Radio Service

Heapsaflash curate the right list of recipients for your music from over 1000 hard-earned radio contacts Australia-wide. We strategically handpick the stations and contacts we believe needs to hear your music. And then we follow them up one-by-one.

Digital Music Video Service > TV

As with our digital radio servicing, we handpick suitable channels across network and community television stations – Rage, Channel V, MTV etc – service your clips and personally follow up with relevant content producers

Australian & International blog & website service

Carefully considering the territories important to your current and future touring plans, as well as genre, style, content and overall relevance, we curate a service list from over 3000 websites and blogs in our database.

Syndicated Content Providers

Heapsaflash work with syndicated content providers who in turn assess our artist’s music for the soundtrack of everyday life: many of our artists have provided the music you listen to at the gym, on the big screen at your local pub.